Napa Valley Wine : Top 12 Highlights of America's Cherished Wine Region

Napa Valley and San Francisco are considered inspirational cities. Sprawling vineyards and the warm, Mediterranean climate, invite those who visit to find out what the top 12 secrets are. Most believe that the best wines in the world come from Napa. It's a beautiful travel destination that should not be missed.

1. Napa Valley

Located in Northwestern, California ,this region boasts splendid views of mountains, lakes, and beautiful villages. From Sonoma to Castiliga are vinyards devoted to producing great wine. The arts are alive and well in Napa Valley where a visit to a gallery or attendance at the theatre will captivate both young and old. Hop on a vintage rail car and see the sights and learn the history of the city's beginnings. Take a trip to St. Helena and picnic at Deer park.

2. Napa Wine Tours

In addition to it's natural beauty, one of Napa Valley's greatest attractions is wine, of course. Napa wine tours are variable in experiences that are offered. Reservations are required at some, while others feature walk in service. Napa wine tours offer unique choices to suit all tastes. Beau Wine Tours brings guests to 4-5 wineries in a limousine, and includes complimentary champagne. Flora Springs boasts two locations, each with it's own style. Visit The Room and find that no reservations are required. Head to The Estate and observe stunning views of the Mayacamas Mountains. Newton Vinyard is known for it's unfiltered wines and offers tours by appointment. Reserve a Napa wine tour and expect satisfaction!

3. Napa Hotels

Napa hotels include inns for those who like cozy, small and romantic settings. Your Carriage Awaits provides chauffeured rides to local wineries, spa treatments and a daily wine and cheese reception. Napa hotels cater to all tastes and budgets. A Meadowlark Country house sitting on twenty acres, offers rooms or suites, a pool, and hot tubs. Hennessey House Hotel exudes an long ago era with an array of European antiques, featherbeds, fireplaces and sherry. The 1801 First is a bed and breakfast boasting casual elegance. The Napa River Inn located at the historic Napa Mill, features a blend of history and art. Book Napa hotels in advance for assurance.

4. San Francisco Tours

Hop on over to San Francisco for the most comprehensive of tours. San Francisco tours combine a wine country and Muir Woods tour to see the Redwood Sequoia Trees. Explore the highlights of San Francisco, such as Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown and Alcatraz. San Francisco tours include touring in a luxury van with lunch included or a "Hop on, hop off" tour bus.

5. Wine Making Supplies

For those wishing to try their hand at wine making, wine making supplies are available at Napa Fermentation Supply store. Oak barrels, glass and decorative bottles are among some choices for fermenting and bottling. Bottles are available in various colors and styles for that special occasion or gift giving wine. Test kits, corks and fermenters are for sale as well. Wine making supplies can also be found at other establishments.

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6. Wine Making Kits for the Serious

For the more serious wine maker, Napa Fermentation Supply also sells wine making kits. Everything needed is provided and can be shipped to those not visiting Napa Valley in the near future. Wine making kits can also be purchased through other stores and companies.

7. Personalized Wine Bottles

Looking for that personal touch signifying a special occasion or celebration? Etched Images uses detail and the latest technology to etch, paint or label wine bottles intended for weddings, Mother's Day, or birthdays. This began as a one man business in 1989 and proceeds went to benefit local charities. In time, and with a partner, the business began to focus on local wineries. Personalized wine bottles put the finishing touch on a perfect gift.These personalized bottles become cherished gifts forever. Give the special gift of one or more personalized wine bottles and make that celebration even more special.

8. Cheap Wine Glasses are Only Inexpensive

Wine glasses have always been available in varying price ranges depending on materials used to make them. Cheap wine glasses do not necessarily need to be cheap quality. When purchasing corporate business gifts, or for other large group orders, the price declines as more glasses are ordered. A wine connoiseur once said that the shape and size of the glass is directly related to the wine's experience, therefore, correct pairing of wine and glass is the trick! Cheap wine glasses, meaning inexpensive, can be purchased just about anywhere in wine country.

9. Wine and Cheese Gifts to go!

A Wine and cheese gift is by far one of the most appreciated gifts during the holidays, weddings, and anniversaries. Take the guessing out of pairings. A Wine and cheese gift comes with an array of cheeses of your choice, and with wines that are appropriate compliments! Wine and cheese gifts are considered an educated choice for most holidays, celebrations and romantic occasions. Visit California Wineries to check out the selections. Send a wine and cheese gift today!

10. California Wine Club

Not local to California's wine region? Join California Wine Club and receive great deals on wine. Send as a gift to share the essence of America's greatest wine region. Hand selected from Napa and other regions in the state, the California Wine Club features wine from smaller family-owned wineries with limited choices.

11. Wine Spectator

Learn more about wine, such the top 100 in Wine Spectator Magazine. Hear about how the weather impacts the grape harvest. Be informed about wine around the world. Wine spectator gives tips from wine and healthy living to wine collecting.

12. Order wine

If all else fails and the trip to California is postponed order wine online. Ordering wine through local dealers can actually land some great California wine. Connect with local wine store managers and ask for specific brands that advertise the best grapes grown in specific regions. Attend wine tastings whenever possible to sample before purchasing. Order wine online from growers who are well known or ask a wine dealer how to select the best deals for the money.