Wine Calories-Red Or White, Which Has More?

If you enjoy wine with your meals, but don’t want to consume too many calories you might choose the beverage that has the least amount of wine calories. White wine has a sweeter taste and is lower in calories. Red wine is colored by the fermentation process of the skin and seeds for weeks and yields a higher calorie amount.

Red and White Wine Calorie Value

If you drink a small glass you will drink approximately 83 calories. A much larger glass has 166 calories. White wine calories total 77 for a small glass and only 154 for a larger glass. The difference in value between these two types is not an extreme amount. So if you really want to have a glass of red wine with your meal it is not going to make you gain any more pounds than white wine.

Health Benefits of Red Wine

Numerous studies have shown that red wine contains resveratrol which comes from the skin of red grapes. It shows health benefits for humans and animals. There is a lowered incidence of heart disease. In studies with animals there was even an inhibition in the growth of cancer. Many countries that drink wine on a daily basis have a lowered cause of cancer and heart disease even though they eat foods that are considered damaging for the heart.

How to Make Your Wine Choice

Although you might plan the food that you eat based upon the number of calories you may want to change that for your wine calories. Red and white wines do have a greater amount of calories than water, but you want something that will provide synergy with your food flavors. Red wine does contain slightly more calories than white wine, but it also has more health benefits. For this reason alone you might want to consider which wine has the greater benefit red or white.

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